Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ What happens to my deposit if I’m feeling sick? 
A/ if you're feeling sick please contact the wowsmile team to reschedule your appointment on 0405214131. 
No refunds issued. 
Q/ what type of products do you guys use? 
A/ we use our own formula which is 6% hydrogen peroxide.
Q/ Can I get my teeth whitened if I have veneers, crowns, caps and fillings in my teeth? 
A/ yea sure you can, our products can whiten caps, veneers and fillings by reverting them back to the original colour when the procedure was performed. 
Q/ how long does the procedure take? 
A/ it takes an hour and 20 minutes for the wow factor treatment and 2 hours with a break for the ultra wow factor treatment.
Q/ when is a good time to get my teeth whitened prior to the event? 
A/ we recommend you to get your teeth whitened 1 to 2 weeks prior to an event. 
Q/ Are there any extra fees for mobile service? 
A/ yes sure is, you can check the website prices and fil up the form and our team will get back to you within 24h.
Q/ how many shades lighter can I get from the wow factor treatment & ultra wow factor treatment? 
A/ the wow factor treatment you will get 5-8 shades lighter
And the ultra wow factor treatment you will get 8-14 shades lighter which is the maximum results you can get.
Q/ can i have my teeth whitened while I’m pregnant or breastfeeding? 
A/ wowsmile team suggests that mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding wait until they no longer breastfeeding or pregnant to whiten their teeth. 
Q/ how often can i/ should be having my teeth whitened?
A/ with our formula it’s safest to be performed up to 10 times a year. 
We recommend having them topped up within every 3-6 months which depends on your daily diet and how they are maintained.
Results can last up to 12 months. 
Q/ What's the difference between the wow factor treatment and the ultra wow factor treatment? 
A/ the wow factor treatment is 1 session that needs to be completed in one setting and you will see the results straight after the treatment. 
And the ultra wow factor treatment needs to be completed the same day as well but we use some other products which are 6% hydrogen peroxide mixed with other ingredients & aloevera gel. It is very safe on teeth and it also protects the enamel during the treatment .
Q/ Does the treatment cause any sensitivity?
A/ you won’t feel a thing after our treatment because we made sure it’s zero sensitivity even people who have sensitive teeth can do it but if you feel any sensitivity please get in contact with our helpline on 0405 214 131 and they will assist you